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Yay spinning!

I am such a happy crafty witch right now…



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Green-gold tail…

Green-gold tail, blazing bright

through the darkness of the night

I wonder as I look on thee

and marvel what I’m meant to see.


I’ve a small park near my apartment complex where I go to leave old offerings.  I’ve no idea how I really should dispose of offerings, but burying them seems to be appropriate.  I just…procrastinate a bit sometimes before disposing of them, and usually longer than I should.  The Gods are being patient if a bit disapproving.  

There have been two separate occasions now, where I’ve gone out to leave offerings and spend some time in the Hawthorne circle, that I see shooting stars.  Not like I’ve ever seen before.  As a child, even far away from light pollution, what I knew as shooting stars were simply tiny streaks of brightness that hardly lasted a second.  Certainly not long enough to start in with “Star light star bright”.  

These stars, though?  Like nothing I’ve ever seen.  The first time I had just turned to face forward after checking behind me, and it was like a blazing ribbon gliding across the sky, shining green with sparks of gold. If I had held my fingers by my eye it would have measured half an inch, and it lasted long enough for me to get to “wish I may wish I might”–no further though.  My mother taught me that when you see a shooting star, you need to get out the entire rhyme before it disappears and you’ll get your wish.

I’m in a decently sized town.  It’s never dark at night, the sky glows orange with all the light pollution.  How could I have seen that?  But it wasn’t the only time.  This past full moon I went out to the Hawthorne circle again, and I saw TWO.  Neither lasted as long as the first one I’d seen, the first one shown light gold and I was able to get to “first star I”, the second a whitish-blue that I only got to “first” with.  The first and second stars I saw were overhead to the east, the third much farther to the North.

What do these stars mean?  I’m seeing them with my physical eyes, not my mind, and when I search online for ‘strange meteorological phenomenon over central Illinois’ I get nothing.  Is there a better search I can use?  How do I find out if what I”m seeing can be easily explained? They feel significant, but I’ve no idea what their significance is–except perhaps the Gods’ approval.

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