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I just noticed a theme in my dreams.  Within the past year or so a theme seems to have developed of a fortune-teller being in the attic, accessed by a ladder.  Literally, climb up a ladder and push up the attic trapdoor and you’re in the fortune-teller’s parlor, all dark and incense-y and mysterious.  This has appeared in three dreams that I’ve remembered; what of the dreams I don’t remember?

I don’t know what this is supposed to mean–divination comes from the Upperworld? I should do readings up a tree or ladder? One day when I have a house of my own I should turn the attic into my parlor?

Its interesting to note nonetheless.


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Juniper over at http://walkingthehedge.net/blog/ has issued a challenge/contest: create a counter-spell for her 10th Spell Rune Talisman.

I wasn’t sure whether to enter or not, as I already have a copy of To Fly by Night, but this seems too much fun to be had!  I might request if I win that the copy be sent to someone who could use it, though.

Being ever the charm maker and lover of Runes myself, I first came up with a bindrune that might be effective to counter Raidho (occluded), Naudhiz and Mannaz.


Raidho~The first step is enabling travel!  Uncross Raidho as our base rune.



Sowilo~Next transform that desperate need-fire Naudhiz into the victorious rays of the risen sun, Sowilo!



Eihwaz~add to our bindrune the might of the World Tree itself.  Journeying, anyone?



Tiwaz~to pierce through the Hedge unimpeded!  Tiwaz often likes to act as a literal arrow in my rune readings, pointing to something in the physical world–often to emphasize something to the querent!



Jera~this rune is optional.  I considered not including it as it could slow down what is essentially a quick dart through, but determined its qualities of ‘reap what you sow’–in other words achieve in equal proportion to effort–and its potential to evolve as the bearer does outweighed possible negative side-effects.

This bindrune should be inscribed on a piercing object: an iron or stone arrowhead, an antler tine, if ethically available the talon or even feather of a predator bird. I’ll use…let’s see…the white stone arrowhead my grandfather found as a boy, the red wool I spun myself, and….charcoal? Ah, yes. Charcoal for the bindrune itself. White, red, and black; another layer of efficacy. Keep on the body when travelling.


Burn, fire, bright and true,

Fly, arrow, pierce on through.

Tangle not in branches thorny,

Heed the Hunting Call ol’ Horny!

Guide me swiftly through!

Note: this is intended to pierce through the spell against you; it is NOT intended for subtlety.  Rather than undoing the flame of our example, this transforms the flame into something useful while stabbing through anything stagnant or stalling.  It would work best against a spell that is already active against you, but might not be as effective against a spell that A) is adaptive or B) is more subtle and comes at you from the side or behind.  This is for darting forward and through.

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We shall see

Last night was Newmoon, but tonight is when I shall be observing it.  It’s been slow-going, feeling out how to perform these observances.  Still very rough and unpolished, and far from a finished product, but earnest and heartfelt if nothing else.  I think that’s the part that is appreciated, because those times when I speak from my heart I feel like the Universe (the Gods, what have you) is listening.  I feel like my tiny little hopes and dreams and fears are noted.  That–even if I don’t see (or notice) anything from it–is relieving.  It feels like ripples in a pond.

Tonight I will return to the Hawthorn circle in the park, on the edge of the reclaimed prairie that inundates the golf course that intermingles with my neighborhood.  This is the same golf course where on Samhain two years prior my fellows and I stuck our noses where they didn’t belong–right into the middle of a Summit between the Seelie and Unseelie courts. 

I hadn’t noticed Fae on the course previously, despite having walked it many a time, but on that night they were so VIVID that you could literally see them–human sized Shadows moving to and fro in your peripheral vision.  More recently, when I go to the Hawthorn circle, I’ve realized they’re still there.  

The Fae have claimed that golf course for whatever reason.  I see small shadows darting from the field to the park and back, see shimmering in the air around where I leave my offerings.  Once I looked up and saw…something.  A watcher, a guardian.  He was big and looked kind of like a cross between a Qunari from Dragon Age II and Flopsy from Avatar: The Last Airbender.  (skeletal structure of Flopsy, skin tone and features of Qunari)













Just what the heck kinda Fae are you, Mister, hm?  Pale skin, limp white hair, huge forearms, and horns…. for a moment that was an eternity we silently observed each other.  I had no idea who or what he was, if he intended good or ill…so slowly, SLOOOOOOOWLY, I prepared to defend myself in case he should attack.  He disappeared suddenly, just as quickly as he had appeared.  

I think now this may have been the wrong choice.  Granted I still don’t really know who or what he was, but if he was a watchguard for the Fae…did I just screw up?  Should I have released my staff and held out open arms, showing no hostility and a wish for further communications?

I didn’t fail miserably, but still…may not have been the best reaction.  We’ll see what tonight holds…more Fae, or just me speaking to the stars?  We shall see.

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