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So I mentioned I’ve been trying to work more with my ancestors, develop a relationship and whatnot.  On the last Fullmoon I mixed up a new incense (based mainly on intution and what I had to hand) composed of lavender, rose petals, white sage, wood betony, myrrh, and honey. The honey flummoxed me a bit, but for some reason it needed honey.  I fixed it up special and made sure I had everything ready and called to my ancestors.  I asked them what they might like for offering.

I got two distinct impression: one was an upright lady with stiff-necked collar and rosary, saying “Well…your incense if very nice, dear, but…don’t you have something like they have in church? Oh, and couldn’t you play some hymns? With a pipe organ?”

The other was definitely male, a bit rough-and-tumble, perhaps a farmer, and all I got was a distant whoop of “Hotcakes!”

Well…I have a distinct resistance to the hymns idea, but last night she got her frankincese and myrrh at least (though she preferred the myrrh to the frankincense it seemed, so she got more of that).  I also made my first-ever batch of pancakes.  I was terrified of making a mess! But I looked up a recipe and got the ingredients and made them from scratch, and when I was staring at a nice steamy stack of fresh pancakes it occurred to me “What should I include for a drink?”  Immediately I got the answer “Brown Ale”.  Brown Ale? Brown Ale???  One, I had none, two, who has beer with breakfast?!  Well, they got to make do with a glass of milk; we’ll see about the brown ale later. 

However, it got me to thinking: could ‘hotcakes and brown ale’ lead me to a location/time period for this particular ancestor?  I poked around online, and…it may be a Canadian thing.  I know that my family on my mother’s side came over to Canada from England and then eventually moved down into America…I’ll have to ask my grandmother about it.  My grandmother, the Episcopalian priest. *sigh* This should be interesting…why, spirits, are you demanding such honesty from me? >_<  “Because being a spiritworker isn’t a part-time job, you must be true through and through” …or something to that effect.  Fine, fine.

In other news, we have a new family member!Image

This is Surge; Kestal and I adopted him from a nearby vet when his previous owner had to give him up (He had two cats in a no-pet apartment).  He has been a stray previously, and is super-scared of new people.  He was TERRIFIED when he first came home; he hunkered down and hid in a corner, and wouldn’t touch food or water.  Eventually though he started opening up, and now he comes and cuddles with me at night, getting chin-scratches and purring.  This is the first time I’ve had a pet bigger than a goldfish, but I’ve wanted one for forever.  So happy to have him!  A sweetie and a stinker all at once; maybe half and half to match his half siamese, half grey tabby!


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