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Beth from Wytch of the North noted it on the west coast, Sindr from I Greet the Dead noted it across the pond, I’m noting it here in the Midwest.

The Wheel Turns.

I felt it, a few weeks back. I Felt the Pattern Shift, Felt the rush like a sudden cold undercurrent, cold wind whistling from a black hole even while the air sweltered and the sun shone.

The White Woman
The Old Woman
The Bone Woman
She calls

I feel hooves, claws, pawing at me as they would the ground–restless. My Lord of the Forest, my Lord of the Hunt, is gone and riding throughout–the deep places, the dark places, the Thick of the Wood, Stirring the Things there…

Many of us can feel it, many have noted–the Winter will be hard/long this year. It felt like late August in late July, it was almost like I could smell the leaves and the crisp in the air, feel the rustling as the wind blew…the season, my season, my Twilight Hour, the time when I Come Alive and Stand Tall…it approaches. The time of dark and cold and firelight and wool and woodsmoke, of mulled wine and smiling eyes, wild eyes.

The wind howls, and phantom hounds with it. This surface world that we see…it hasn’t changed much. The days are milder, surprisingly so…but underneath, it is Autumn already. The visible part is just catching up.

I need to pick up my bow. I need to renew my FOID card. I need to prepare to Hunt.


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