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I had a strange…vision, I don’t know, last night. I’ve been working with this necklace I got at PSG recently, charging it to be ritual jewelry as an ‘oracle enhancer’ or summat. I’ve been receiving some sort of instruction on that front, listening to the quiet inner impulses to guide me in its crafting. I’m not sure who the ‘voice’ belongs to, but it seems to be working well so far. I’m only allowed to wear the necklace for matters of divination (to my dismay, as its a lovely amber piece that I would enjoy wearing often), and I’m allowed to use it while its still ‘in the works’ as using it in readings helps the process.

As such I donned it last night as I lay out my cards, and…something happened. It wasn’t even something related to the reading, because I looked it all over again once I had distanced myself sufficiently and it was fairly straightforward and hopeful. But what I saw….triggered by the first card, the “Heart of the Matter”…was something entirely different.

I was confused by the card, the Six of Swords, as the heart of the matter. The book says it relates to deceit (I’m generalizing), but as no particular meaning was forthcoming I gazed upon the card to intuit what it was saying.  What I saw…experienced…was not related to the reading. Its like the card was serving double-duty in that respect.

It was very dark. The air was dusty, dry, choking. The floor beneath me was rumbling, moving. It was in the back of a van or a train or something, as we would periodically pass a yellow light above that would briefly light the car. I was on the floor, being held from behind with a large man’s right hand clamped over my mouth and nose. I kept trying to twist away, get my mouth free so I could scream for help, but it was no use. My legs kept being grabbed at as another man tore at my boots and jeans. I think there was at least one other man (to my right, the car wall was to my left), but no more than four in total.

That was what I got, in flashes, as I gazed on the card. I was able to unpack more details later…my right wrist had been broken, stomped on by one of the men when I kept struggling. My front left teeth had been broken, and I spit out the pieces with blood at one point. Waking up later in the hospital in the wee hours of the morning, loved ones let in to see me at last (2 I knew in front, 2 I didn’t behind).

I don’t know what this…vision, or whatever…is. However, IF it were a future event, I’d estimate it in the 3-4 year range. It was…disturbing, to say the least. I had some trouble processing it, and was really out of it afterward. I woke up this morning and *poof*, its a new day! No lingering ill effects…which is fortunate. I feel strangely ambivalent now towards the events unfolding in what I experienced, though at the time I was…horrified. Was that…or rather, will that be…me? Did I go through someone else’s experience, with my mind re-interpreting certain things for sake of understanding? Was it just some sort of hallucination?

I don’t know…but here’s to being able to change future events.



The night after this happened I was talking with my empath friend, and found that he had recently experienced something unusual as well. He was alone working 3rd shift security when suddenly he was overcome by this feeling of terror, feelings of they’re coming for me, they’re going to kill me, they’ll hurt my family…which NEVER happens to him. Our going theory is that this is something that is (has?) happening(ed) to someone else, a teenaged girl. We’ve been looking through news reports, but so far nothing’s turned up.


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